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How to Submit a Notice of Intent
Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) requires all ARC and NHMRC major round applicants to complete and submit a Notice of Intent. The Notice of Intent advises RIC and your Faculty/Department that you are preparing an application. A University of Melbourne internal tracking number will be allocated and emailed to the nominated applicant.
For applications where the administering organisation will be the University of Melbourne, the internal tracking number will be used throughout the RIC review process and is separate from the Application ID number which will be allocated by the ARC and NHMRC's online application systems.
Your Faculty/Department may also wish to use the Notice of Intent system to track your involvement in applications being submitted through other administering organisations (ie: non lead grants). Please refer to your Faculty for further information.
For Academic Division staff, there is a user manual available here.
Contact Details
NHMRC Research Support schemes:
NHMRC Fellowship/Scholarship schemes:
Major initiatives (NHMRC CRE, ARC ITRP, ARC CoE, CRC, CRC-P, DST group CTD etc):

1. Personal Details

Please enter the details of the Lead CI/CIA.

format: DD-MM-YYYY Your date of birth is used for data validation and must be accurate

2. Employment

This is the faculty/department through which your grant will be administered
How long since you completed your PhD?

RIC recommends that you have an academic mentor/supervisor to review the Research Proposal section of your application. Will you have this application mentored?

3. Sponsor

Please note, only applications to be administered by the University of Melbourne will receive MRO review and feedback.

Partner Organisation(s)

Use Add Row to add your partner organisation details.
Will the Lead/Administering Organisation for this application be The University of Melbourne?
Do you intend submitting your grant to RIC for review?

4. Alternate Contact

This contact will be used if RIC is unable to contact the first named chief investigator on the proposal.

Privacy notice


  1. The information on this form is being collected by the Research Innovations and Commercialisation (RIC) team. You can contact us via the Research Helpline on ServiceNow or by phone on +61 3 8344 0999. We will use the information provided by you for the purpose of tracking and administering your grant submission and to provide you with additional support. The information will be used by authorised staff for the purpose for which it was collected and will be protected against unauthorised access and use. This information will be provided to Chancellery as well as your Faculty, School and Department as applicable.  Information may be passed on further by Faculties (e.g. to Research Coordinators and Grant Mentors) as part of internal support processes. If you do not provide all the information that is requested on this form, we may not be able to process you funding application within the required time frames and/or may only be able to provide limited support with your funding application.

  2. In line with the University’s Privacy Policy, you can access any personal information the University holds about you.  Contact the Privacy Officer to find out more.